Monday, August 6, 2007

The Stolen Tome

Morgan Glendennings, aristocrat wizard, is at a crossroads. She believes her family’s mysterious heirloom holds a secret. After much research, she learns of an ancient book that contains the information she needs. When the book is lost during shipment, Morgan suspects it has been stolen. She hires a shadowy rogue named Axel to help get it back. Together, they pursue the book and the men who stole it. Axel’s distrust of wizards and all things magical only complicates matters, especially when the chase takes longer and covers a greater distance than either expected. Caught in the intricate plots and schemes of the thieves who stole the book, Morgan and Axel push onward, trying to learn who paid the thieves for their services. Can they figure out who is behind the theft and why they would go to such lengths? And what could be so important about the Stolen Tome?

Having refused to grow up and find a "real" occupation, Brian writes during his time away from the job that pays the bills. Born, raised, and hiding in southwestern Pennsylvania, he is a self-confessed hockey addict who won’t seek out any sort of treatment program for fear that he may be cured. As a proud member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, he is currently involved in a top secret project to overthrow all that is good and fair in the world just so that he can make a few bucks. His hobbies include a plethora of bizarre interests: import video games, reptiles, wrestling memorabilia, MST3K, collecting toys from his childhood, and Legos. Amazingly, despite all of these things, he has never been married.

I plan on getting a copy... I have the first few chapters from Brian, back when we did writers workshop. It's good fantasy literature.

I can't wait to get myself a signed copy. Hah.

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