Friday, September 5, 2008

College Life

Oh the wonders of PSU Altoona.

Well, actually not. No one bothered to tell me that college was extremely boring. Extremely is an understatement. College is unfathomably, obscenely boring. Almost as boring as high school but lacking a great deal of the drama.

Oh. And I swear I'm the only gay chick here.

I went to a GSA meeting yesterday, and it was pretty neat. Max, the president is really cool. I'm thinking about trying for an officer position. But anyway, that's not the point. Apparently the vast majority of the membership here has migrated to main campus. So now, the GSA that sounded so cool on the website is like 6 people, including myself.

But I guess it's cool that it's still a pretty active group. The first activity for the year will be National Coming Out Day. Which is, by the way, October 11, but will be held on campus on the 9th. Apparently they're setting up a stage or whatever in the Student Center, and having some people perform and then leaving the stage free for people to tell their own coming out story. That's cool, I guess. I just kind of worry about someone getting outed by some asshole who thinks they're doing them a favour.

Ohhhh!! And I don't have internet. I won't until next Saturday. I don't know what to do with myself. Basically, I sleep and spend absurd amounts of time on the phone. And I clean my apartment. It's so not Cori. Cori uses the internet about 90 hours a day. That's right. 90 hours a day. Don't ask me how it's possible, but in my little world it is.

And have I mentioned how cold it is? I swear. Everywhere it is freezing in this place. Except outside, which is relatively nice if you ignore the fact it's virtually a city out there. People run the air conditioner constantly. I guess that should be expected in a computer lab, but I am like really cold.

Uhh. Well, that's all for now, folks. My life is pretty boring, and I really need to go outside and, to be entirely oxymoronic, chill where it's warm.

Oh. And sorry for the lack of links and pictures. I hate public computers and really don't want to fool with them much. But Google Interlude Magazine. It's an indie lesbian magazine. The first issue was just released and it's amazing.

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